S.U Pacat’s Captive Prince will be released February 4th 2013~

Quick fanart of Laurent and Damen promoting the book because WHY NOT.

My review of Book One and Two under the cut (:

Full list of ratings & warnings (please read before you start the story!)

I discovered Captive Prince through Zhang Jingna (zemotion)’s blog post. I was apprehensive about the premise at first because I never read any slave fiction (and the original summary basically sounded like the ultimate guilty pleasure book for those with a slavery kink), but I trusted Jingna’s taste and was not disappointed. 

I think this Amazon summary better describes the compulsively readable political, adventure story that this series actually is. It’s fast paced and intense, filled with great writing, characters that grow on you ridiculously and incredible physical and emotional tension (THE UST MADE ME WANT TO RIP MY EYEBALLS OUT…I’m just saying).

All that said, it’s still relatively straightforward and ‘clean’ in terms of narrative structure, which makes it an easy, enjoyable read. The author writes beautifully - there are some magnificent lines throughout the series.

I will warn that this book may not be for everyone but would argue the most polarising of the rated content in the warnings happens early in Book One.

The author doesn’t shy away at all from explicitly showing the practises within the corrupt, decadent and hedonistic world of Vere, which is dark and poisonously amoral - violence of all sorts abound. Be prepared (and read the warnings before you start!).

The story really takes on a different colour in Book Two and becomes much more adventure based and the relationship between characters much more functional and equal so Book Two is, by far, my personal favourite. My best advice for those slightly put off by the content of Book One would just be ‘keep reading, it gets better.’

The books (with gorgeous cover design /tears/) will be released as physical novels and ebooks, but the story will still be available to read for free online (I think). Can I also say how awesome it is, also, to have an author come out of fandom and be someone who just gets it? I love the interaction she has with the fans (:

I wish the author all the success with the release and will be eagerly awaiting Book Three.

(also, I’m 98% sure the author is Australian : D high five and shoutout!)